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Tapin - personalized nutrient supply via drinking water tailored to personal needs. An innovative finger scan is used to determine a person's actual needs, and the drinking water is then individually supplemented with minerals, vitamins, and if desired, flavor.

The product allows users to adjust the drink to their own body measurements. This scan of the nutrients is now carried out using a new, future-oriented infrared light method. Thus possible deficiencies or overdoses are detected and transmitted to the device, and the water is thus enriched with personalized minerals and vitamins when it s dispensed.

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Tapin is designed to help people suffering from nutrient deficiencies compensate for them and avoid the arbitrary use of supplements. The goal is not to replace a meal but to eliminate and prevent defects when needed - for a balanced nutrient budget.

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Invention Design
3D Animation


Tanja Herzer, Hannah Wels & Me


Prof. David Oswald, Maurice Rio


march '22 - june '22

If you have any questions about this project, read our detailed documentation or drop me a line here.