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Every 8 hours, a person dies in Germany because no suitable organ can be found. The number of post-mortem organ donations is decreasing yearly, so we want to raise awareness with our interactive communication system. However, there is no reason not to make a decision.

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Why Organ donation?

The course aimed to make knowledge about a subject something that can be experienced interactively. We took on the sensitive topic of organ donation since the number of organ donations in Germany has stagnated or declined for several years.

When designing the exhibit, it was essential that it be perceived as informative and that no one is forced to make a decision because even filling it out with the decision not to donate organs is an important step in the right direction.

Users should receive comprehensive information on post-mortem organ donation through compact and structural knowledge transfer. The most crucial goal declared to us is to encourage people to reconsider ethical and moral ideas and to support them in their personal decision so that they will optimally donate their organs.

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A short introduction of the gestures at the beginning of the explorative part provides the user with gestures for interaction.

explorative part

In the explorative part, the user can inform himself about all organs to be donated. The information is divided into the categories: 2020 at a glance, criteria, and transplantation. Pulling out the lung starts the transplantation process, and the user is guided through the individual sections in a linear fashion.

Transplantation Begin

Transplantation begins with the removal of the donor's lung.


The user can find the appropriate recipient on the Eurotransplant list by moving the magnifying glass over the screen.

Transplantation End

The transplantation is finished as soon as the recipient receives the new lung, which is done by pulling the new lung onto the defective one.

Organ donor card

To receive information about the individual decision options, they can be selected by tapping on them.

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Exhibtion Design
User Interface


Johanna Schopf, Lea Voith, Sofie Freund & Me


Fabian Ströbel


october '21 - february '22

If you have any questions about this project, read our detailed documentation or drop me a line here.